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Investigation And Diagnosis Of A 184-MVA Air-Cooled Generator Heavily Affected By Slot Partial Discharge Activity FREE $10.00
Dc-Dc Converters For Electric Vehicle Applications FREE $10.00
Diagnostic Testing of Stochastic Circuits FREE $10.00
The Use Of Iron-Nickel And Iron-Cobalt Alloys In Electrical Engineering, And Especially For Electrical Motors FREE $10.00
Electro-Coupling Effect on the Transient Voltage Distribution in PWM Motor Winding FREE $10.00
Experience With a Spider Arm Rim Support Failure on a Large Hydro Generator FREE $10.00
A Checklist of What Can Zap Your Power Electronics or Insulation FREE $10.00
Shortening the Hydrophobicity Recovery Time of Epoxy Insulation FREE $10.00
Defining Safe Operating Voltages For Aerospace Electrical Systems FREE $10.00
Applications Of Silicon Carbide Power Devices In Threephase Voltage-Fed Induction Motor Drives For Electric Vehicles FREE $10.00
Measurements of Polarization/Depolarization Currents for Modern Epoxy-Mica Bars in Different Conditions FREE $10.00
Generator End Turn Vibration Monitoring –A Case Study FREE $10.00
Application of Flat Glass Backed Mica Paper Tape to VPI’ed High Voltage Stator Coils FREE $10.00
Effect of Voltage Distortion on Stress Grading Coatings Working at High Fundamental Frequency FREE $10.00
Outsourcing Relationships Between American And Chinese Companies FREE $10.00
Added Value Through Injection Molded Insulation FREE $10.00
Study of the Base Material and Application Method on the Properties of Banding Tape FREE $10.00
Effect Of Sic Schottky And Si Junction Diode Reverse Recovery On Boost Converter FREE $10.00
How Ultrasound Can Detect Electrical Discharge Noninvasively And Help Eliminate Arc Flash Incidents FREE $10.00
Fundamentals And Advanced Techniques Of Bobbin Design FREE $10.00
Lightweight Partially Nano-Particled Polymer Concrete: A New Concept for Electrical Insulation FREE $10.00
Crosslinking and Electrical Characterization of Metallocene Linear Low Density Polyethylene FREE $10.00
Thermal Impact Characteristics by Forest Fire on Porcelain Insulators for Transmission Lines FREE $10.00
Accelerating Aging of Transmission Line Porcelain Suspension Insulators by Autoclaving FREE $10.00
Electrical Insulation Challenges for Rotating Machines Used on Future Electric Ships FREE $10.00
Magnetic Field Disturbance of Partial Discharge Activity in a Cone-Plane Gap FREE $10.00
Maritime Structures and Ships Lightning Protection FREE $10.00
Effect of Temperature and Thermal Expansion on Slot Partial Discharge Activity FREE $10.00
Experimental Evaluation Of The Effect Of Humidification On The Performaance Of Pem Fuel Cell Stack FREE $10.00
Our Response – Use of Resistive Temperature Detectors as Partial Discharge Sensors in Rotating Equipment FREE $10.00
Partial Discharges at Sub-atmospheric Pressures -- Insulation Evaluation Procedures for Aerospace Applications FREE $10.00
Fundamentals Of And Advances In Production Line Winding Testing For Coil Manufacturers FREE $10.00
Lead And Magnet Wire Connection Methods Using The Tin Fusing (Sn Fusing) Method FREE $10.00
Lead And Magnet Wire Connection Methods Using The Tin Fusing (Sn Fusing) Method FREE $10.00
Breakdown Characteristics of Nitrogen in Partial Vacuum Under Pulsed Electric Fields of kHz Range FREE $10.00
Production of Corrosive Sulphur Free Transformer Fluids FREE $10.00
Energy Saving Potential And Characteristics Of Motors For Consumer Applications FREE $10.00
Temperature and Voltage Dependence of Dielectric Properties of Modern Epoxy Mica Insulations of HV Rotating Machines FREE $10.00
Transformer Basics FREE $10.00
Partial Discharge Pulse Shape Detection and Analysis under DC Condition FREE $10.00
Pre-Breakdown Behaviour of Oil-Board-Arrangements under Lightning Impulse Stress FREE $10.00
Optimizing Validation of Voltage and Time for VLF (0.1Hz) Voltage Testing On-site FREE $10.00
Analysis of Over-voltage Protecting Techniques Applied to Over-head Insulated Lines FREE $10.00
New Magnetic Polymers FREE $10.00
Sizing Photovoltaic Systems Components For Stand-Alone Operation FREE $10.00
Carbon Brush Collector Maintenance on Turbine-Generators FREE $10.00
Generator Condition Monitor Evolution and Capability FREE $10.00
Use of Ramp Test to Expedite Return to Service of Damaged Stator Winding FREE $10.00
Using A Six Fault Zone Approach For Predictive Maintenance On Motors FREE $10.00
Reviewing Current Transformers and Current Transducers FREE $10.00
Common Materials Properties Characterization Techniques for Electrical Insulating Materials FREE $10.00
Practical Implementation of a Narrowband High Frequency Distributed Model for Locating Partial Discharge in a Power Transformer FREE $10.00
Electric Motor And Generator Manufacturing Myths FREE $10.00
PD-Source Recognition in Generator Bars using a High-Voltage Coaxial-Type High-Pass Filter FREE $10.00
An Investigation into the Electrical Properties of Rubber Blends for Insulators FREE $10.00
Overview of Nanodielectrics: Insulating Materials of the Future FREE $10.00
Calculating The Induced Currents In Induction Machines Using Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping FREE $10.00
New Motor Design With Conductive Micro Fiber Shaft Grounding Ring Prevents Bearing Failure In Pwe Inverter Driven Motors FREE $10.00
Electromagnetic Principles in Manufacturing FREE $10.00
Partial Discharge Analysis to Monitor the Condition of Oils FREE $10.00
Supply Base Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning in Emerging Markets FREE $10.00
Utilizing Infrared and Power Quality Techniques to Diagnose and Re-Commission 33 old Power, Lighting & Receptacles Panels and Distribution Transformers at the New Jersey International & Bulk Mail Center FREE $10.00
The Challenges Of Using Variable-Speed Motor Drives In Appliance Applications FREE $10.00
Die-Cast Copper Rotors As Strategy For Improving Induction Motor Efficiency FREE $10.00
Epoxy Systems For Low Temperature Applications FREE $10.00
The Importance Of Adhesion For Electronic Module Encapsulation FREE $10.00
Denoising of the Neutral Current Using Wavelet for Diagnosis of the Transformer FREE $10.00
On the Life Estimation of Oil Impregnated Paper Insulated Transformer Bushings FREE $10.00
Induction Curing Of Encapsulates FREE $10.00
Experimentation on Humidity Propagation in High Voltage Alternator Stator Bar Insulation FREE $10.00
Over-Voltage Protector for Overhead Insulated Distribution Lines FREE $10.00
Optimization of Maintenance Strategy for Marine Generators FREE $10.00
Question: Can You Provide Your Customers With The Efficiency Of Your Induction Motor Models Given Only An Input Current Value? The Answer: Yes FREE $10.00
Dynamic Modeling of the Temporal Evolution of DC Flashover Discharge Current with Liquid Electrolyte and Ice Pollution Layer FREE $10.00
Suggestions to Augment the IEC60270 Partial Discharge Standard in Relation to Radiated Electromagnetic Energy FREE $10.00
UHF and IEC60270 Correlation Analysis of Radiated Frequency Band Measurements on Resin Insulation Void Samples FREE $10.00
New IEC Standards for Qualifying Stator Insulation Systems for PWM Converter Drives FREE $10.00
Copper Motor Rotors: Energy Saving Efficiency, Now Also Economic Feasibility FREE $10.00
Audio Spectrum Analysis of EMI Patterns FREE $10.00
Mapping the Humidification Range of a Single PEM Fuel Cell FREE $10.00
Development of New Ways of Designing of HV Insulation for Power Energetic with Improved Reliability on a Basis of Newest Knowledge about Surface Discharge FREE $10.00
Exporting Solid Models (Sm) Of Electrical Assemblies Into Finite Element Analysis (Fea) FREE $10.00
AC Breakdown Voltage Measurement of a Fluorocarbon in Gaseous State Two-phase-flow State and Liquid State FREE $10.00
Study of UHV DC Corona Performance in a Mini Corona Cage FREE $10.00
The Application Of Wireless Sensor Networks For Condition Monitoring In Three-Phase Induction Motors FREE $10.00
Insulation Resistance Measurements Versus Temperature Made on Aged Stator Bars and Coils FREE $10.00

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