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Revisions of the Periodic Conformance Testing Procedures in the NEMA MW 1000 Magnet Wire Standard FREE $10.00
Method Of Calculating Temperature Rise In Self Cooled Transformers FREE $10.00
Prototypes Of Polymer-impregnated Reforested Wood Crossarms Subjected To Partial Discharge Tests FREE $10.00
Dc-dc Boost Converter Design For Kettering University’s Gem Fuel Cell Vehicle FREE $10.00
Salt Water Pinhole Testing of Magnet Wire FREE $10.00
On-Line Monitoring of HV Bushings and Current Transformers FREE $10.00
Experience Repairing a Serious Stator Core Fault on an 80 MVA Vertical Water Wheel Generator FREE $10.00
Foil And Heavy Wire Winding And Tensioning FREE $10.00
An Ultracapacitor-powered Race Car Update FREE $10.00
Improvement of Rotating Machine Production Standards by In-factory Partial Discharge Testing FREE $10.00
On-line Estimating the Level of Hydrophobicity of Composite Insulators Using the Digital Images FREE $10.00
Fundamentals of Semi-Conductive Systems for High Voltage Stress Grading FREE $10.00
Effectiveness of Stress Control Coatings in Medium Voltage Form Wound Coil Ends under Fast Rise Time Pulses and Contamination FREE $10.00
The History And Processing Of Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (Uhmwpe) For Surgical Implantation FREE $10.00
An Overview Of Technical Challenges In The Design Of Current Transformers FREE $10.00
Power Losses And Efficiency Of Buck Pwm Dc-dc Power Converter FREE $10.00
Fractal Analysis of Discharge Current on
Polybutylene Terephthalate
FREE $10.00
A Study on Breakdown Phenomenon Identification of Polymer Films FREE $10.00
Considerations of AC and DC Testing of Large Electrical Stator Windings and Component FREE $10.00
University-company Partnerships Key To Resolving Outsourcing Of U.S. Jobs FREE $10.00
Wireless Sensor Networks In Electrical Manufacturing FREE $10.00
Analysis Of An Ac Brushless Air Pump Motor FREE $10.00
Degradation of Turn Insulation Subjected to Fast Repetitive Voltage Pulses FREE $10.00
Evaluation of Medium Voltage Groundwall Insulation Exposed to High Frequency Pulse Voltages FREE $10.00
Application of Synthetic Mica and Some Technical Problems in Production FREE $10.00
Emerging Micro And Nanomanufacturing Processes For Electrical And Electronic Engineering Applications FREE $10.00
Machining Of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Using Micromilling Tools FREE $10.00
A Unique System for Reducing High Frequency Stray Noise and Transient Common Mode Ground Currents to Zero, While Enhancing Other Ground Issues FREE $10.00
Effects of Inorganic Content and Morphology between Phases on Structure and Properties of the Hybrid Polyimide Film FREE $10.00
Diagnosis of Electrical Treeing Phenomenon in XLPE Insulation FREE $10.00
On Line Monitoring Of Bushings On Large Power Transformers FREE $10.00
Measurement and Analysis of Partial Discharge in Switchgear FREE $10.00
Machine Design Considerations For The Future Energy Challenge FREE $10.00
Toroidal Coil Winding & Construction Techniques FREE $10.00
A New Diagnostic Tool for Preventive Maintenance on Large Generators – PD Location in Stator Windings by the Traveling Wave Method FREE $10.00
Use Of Test Procedures For Resin Tank Maintenance FREE $10.00
2005 Report on Developments in IEC Winding Wire Standards and Test Methods FREE $10.00
Research on Surge Arc Prolongation Device or Power Cable Fault Location FREE $10.00
Experimental Study on the Ion Migration of DC Support Ceramic Insulators FREE $10.00
Improve Your Machine With Vector Drives FREE $10.00
Temperature Calculation of Power Cable Conductor in Real Time FREE $10.00
University-company Partnerships Key To Resolving Outsourcing Of U.S. Jobs Hybrid Shuttle Bus Using Ultracapacitors FREE $10.00
Special Problems Incurred When Manufacturing Coils With Fine Magnet Wire FREE $10.00
New Developments In Polymers: Conductive And Active (Magnetic, Luminescent And Electronic) Applications FREE $10.00
Monitoring Of Generator Conditon And Some Limitations Thereof FREE $10.00
Development Of Motor Controls Using The Semikron Advanced Integration Power Module FREE $10.00
Advantages Of Servos FREE $10.00
Experience with Oil in Power Transformers with Free Breathing Conservators FREE $10.00
Ramp Test Development and Data Acquisition FREE $10.00
Indirect Analysis Of Motor Condition Through Vibration And Current Analysis FREE $10.00
Designing A Continuous Current Buck-boost Converter Using The Core Geometry FREE $10.00
Merits of High Temperature HV Insulation System for Rotating Machines FREE $10.00
Material Properties of Conductive Laminates Used in Turbine Generator Stator Slot FREE $10.00
Interaction Dynamics Between Wire Enamel And Impregnating Resins FREE $10.00
Performance Evaluation Of Flyback Converter FREE $10.00
A Comparison between Partial Discharge Propagation in Multiple and Single Transformer Winding FREE $10.00
Investigation Of Temperature Rise And Permissible Load Current Of Water-cooled Generators With Blockage Of Hollow Sub-conductors FREE $10.00
Field-circuit Analysis of Winding Insulation Condition of Generators Stricken by Over voltage FREE $10.00
Development Of The Power Dense Induction Motor FREE $10.00
An Initial Investigation of Insulation Fault Effects on LVAD Motor Performance FREE $10.00
Technologies For Efficient Farming FREE $10.00
The Use of Transient Current for the Evaluation of the Condition of Rotor and Stator Insulation Systems of Large Synchronous Rotating Machines FREE $10.00
Revitalizing and Refurbishment of Motor Control Centers AT NJI &BMC FREE $10.00
Cutting Taxes For Electrical Manufacturing And Coil Winding Equipment Companies FREE $10.00
RCM-Based Motor Management FREE $10.00
Thermally Upgraded Insulation in Transformers FREE $10.00
Doubly-fed Induction Machine Analysis For Power Flow Control FREE $10.00
Comparison Of Water Carried Resin Technologies FREE $10.00
Effect of Elastic Elongation on Dielectric Strength (Study Based on Self-Fusing Silicone Tape) FREE $10.00
A New Approach in Insulation Systems for Rotating Machines FREE $10.00
Remaining Competitive In A World Of Outsourcing FREE $10.00
NEMA 6-MW agnet Wire Technical Committee, Chairman’s Report – 2005 FREE $10.00
Field Analysis And Balancing Tools FREE $10.00
Cochlear Implants FREE $10.00
Modeling Of Capacitive And Electromagnetic Field Shielding Effects In A Cvt FREE $10.00
An Evaluation of Diagnostic Techniques Relevant to Arcing Fault Current Interrupters for Direct Current Power Systems in Future Aircraft FREE $10.00
A Suggested Approach For Specifying Partial Discharge Testing As A New Winding Acceptance Test FREE $10.00
Study On Insulation Structure Of Fast Slide N Termaination And Joint For 15kv Power Cable Applying To Live Work Onsite FREE $10.00
Performance Evaluation of Pump Generator Stator Coils with Corona Resistant Polyimide Film FREE $10.00
Ieee Standards For Rotating Machine Insulation FREE $10.00
Ultracapacitor With Ballard Nexa In A Gem Vehicle In A Hybrid Mode FREE $10.00
Generation of Furanic Compounds in Transformer Oil under Accelerated Thermal and Electrical Stress FREE $10.00
Power And Energy Of Futuristic Automobiles FREE $10.00
Exporting Solid Models Into Finite Element Analysis (Fea) For Reverse Engineering Of Electrical Components FREE $10.00
On Site Pd Detection On Xlpe Cable Accessories FREE $10.00
3D Transient With Motion Simulation Of Electric Motors FREE $10.00
200 Report on Developments in the Solderability Requirements for the NEMAMW 1000 Magnet Wire Standard FREE $10.00
Improving Efficiency In Fractional Horsepower Motors For Air-moving Applications FREE $10.00
Study of On-line Monitoring Method of Partial Discharge for Power Transformers Based on RFCT and Microstrip Antenna FREE $10.00
Development and Application of a Novel Partial Discharge On-line Monitoring System for GIS FREE $10.00
Synthesis and Characterization of Corona-resistant Polyimide/Silica and Alumina Hybrid Films FREE $10.00

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